Our family archivist Ruth Lydia Remo has passed away on March 21, 2005. Without her there would be no family archives.

This is where the lineage of the Limjoco Family is converging to learn about our forefathers and hear some of their stories before those that remember are gone. The amount of Limjoco’s emerging from all around the globe is positively amazing! To date since 2-29-2000 we have found and cataloged into our Family Tree database over 1000 Limjocos all related! I know there are so many more branches that will grow as the years move on.

This line starts with a Raymundo Limjoco and Leonicia Masikat Quison. Although I assume as prolific as their decedents were, that Raymundo had siblings, I have not been able to trace any of them.  Thus this line starts with this couple, my grandparents thrice removed.
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I am from the branch of Dr. Gregorio Triviño Limjoco , of Lian Batangas; the son of Santiago and Hospicia Magsaysay Trivinio Limjoco, son of Raymundo, who later moved to Batangas, Batangas after being appointed a post there by his friend and Compadre, President Manuel L. Quezon. After he died I actually lived in the house he built atop the Batangas Ice Plant with Lola Feling. His brothers featured on the page called “Limjoco Brothers” and two sisters, lived in different parts of Lian, Lucena, Nasugbu and, Matuud.

I have been able to use my ancestry's family search to trace the direct Conrado Trivinio Limjocoancestors of the line of Santiago Limjoco, which unfortunately are only from his sons.  The daughters lines somehow have been lost to us.

Recently a son of Lolo Conrado Limjoco, Rosendo, has been sending in photos of our ancestors.  Please see the lovely visage of Lola Virginia and Lolo Pacio as a young couple on their page.  He has been a wealth of new photos and supplied the missing photos of Lolo Conrado, who didn’t have even one photo up till now.

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Sto Nino Shrine donated to the church of the Immaculate Conception by the heirs of Dr. Gregorio LimjocoIn honor of Lolo Goyo (Dr. Gregorio Limjoco and Lola Feling (Felicidad Arguelles Limjoco) his branch of the family all chipped in and through the efforts of Tita Aurora Limjoco Pastor and Dr. Pastor of Batangas, this shrine was designed, made, and donated. It is now at the Immaculate Conception Church in Batangas, Batangas, and houses the orphan statue of the famous Sto. Nino which was washed upon the shores of Batangas a few hundred years ago. Actually it is now a replica because the original Sto. Nino burned in the fire that destroyed the rectory it was stored in along with the old St. Bridgets school. The ashes of the original statue were put inside part of the base of the new statue.

Baptism of Aurora Limjoco with Godfather late President and Mrs.  Manuel L. Quezon, Lolo Goyo with Lola FelingNEW!! Photo of the Baptism of Aurora Limjoco with her Godfather the late President Manuel L. Quezon, Lolo Goyo and Lolo Feling. Click Photo to enlarge into a new window. Taken April 25, 1936

Occasionally I have mass mailed those of you on our E-mail list asking for help for various family members.  God bless all of you who have made the effort to help in whatever ways you can!!

Bonifacio and Virginia Limjoco- 1920’s.LEFT: Bonifacio and Virginia Limjoco- 1920’s.

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If you are able to, please scan, and reduce the file size of photos, a good WEB dpi is 72dpi. I cannot use hi resolution pics on the web. Then E-mail them to Diana. Send any historical or vintage family pictures you may have so that all of us may enjoy our family history.  It is important to honor those that are no longer with us.  May the best of them live in all of us, and may we always take pride in the good they all did, and continue to do thru us

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