Children of Alexander Lejano Limjoco (Santiago, Raymundo, Santiago, AngelI, AngelII) + Ann Margaret Aquino (divorced) =
Alexander Jr.
Joseph “Jojo” Gabriel Limjoco
Kristine Anne Limjoco
Patricia Ann Limjoco

Alex's house in Alabang

These are photos of Alex’s house in Alabang. Such a James Bond lifestyle he has led!  Although Alex is my second cousin, he has been more like a brother to me.  Always ready to lend a shoulder or ear. When I was in Manila in Nov. 2000, his son Jojo extended to me the same courtesy on behalf of his father, so welcome did he make me feel.

Alex's house from the air.
Chopper landing at helipad at Alex's house.

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Jojo and Jared Limjoco